Lemonade Kids (our Youth Ambassadors)

Benefitting ConfiKids with Lemonade Stand

Are you a kid wanting to help other kids in need?
Want to have fun and help kids build confidence through their activities? Have a Lemonade Stand to benefit ConfiKids!

We have provided a downloadable kit here for you, complete with a sign for your stand, a banner, supplies you will need and how you can become a Lemonade Kids Ambassador for ConfiKids. The funds you raise will help children take enrichment programs, dance, arts, music, and sports programs who normally cannot afford to attend.

Ok, YES!

My kids (or I) want to help! How can we do this? 

Here are the supplies you will need to purchase/ have:

  • cups
  • lemonade mix
  • water
  • ice
  • money box
  • stand sign (on this page, please download)


Things you might want to think of: 

Q.  Should I set a price?

You can set a price for lemonade or merely ask for donations. If lemonade customers know that the funds are going a good cause, sometimes asking for a donation for the lemonade is the best way to go. But YOU are the fundraiser! You make these decisions.

Q. Where should I have my stand?

Choose a safe area! Work with your parent or guardian to setup at home, a relative’s home or a friend’s home that is away from traffic or any unsafe areas. You most likely can no set up in a public location. Keep it small and real!

Q. What if customers need change? 

It is best to start with a few dollars/ change to give change back. But if you but out a jar that says “Donations for ConfiKids” then you most likely will not need to give change.


So you have had a successful lemonade stand…. Now what?

With the cash you have collected, you can give to a parent and ask them to write a check for the total donation amount (please feel free to take out your startup costs for lemonade and cups out if you prefer) to the Rodman Ride/ ConfiKids.

The check can be mailed to us at:

Rodman Ride/ ConfiKids, Inc.      P.O.Box 71     Foxboro, MA 02035                                                                                                          


Q.  Where will the funds go?

ConfiKids has to raise $35,000 this year in the Rodman Ride for Kids. All of these funds and 3% more go to our charity to help us send kids to programs to build their confidence! We have a sub-team called the “Lemonade Kids” and the funds will be added to this team to helps raise the money we need!

When you complete your lemonade stand, please have your parent attach this form to the check sent to us. The fine people at ConfiKids will make sure your name is listed on our website as a Lemonade Kid Fundraiser!

Here is your decorative poster for your stand!


Lemonade stand sign

Here is the form to attach when sending in your funds to ConfiKids:

Lemonade Kids Form

Here is our downloadable brochure to have information on hand about ConfiKids:

ConfiKids Trifold Brochure – 1

Confikids Trifold brochure- 2

CK- Lemonade Leaders BEST


Anything we have forgotten?
You can email Rachel Calabrese at rachel@confikids.org with any questions!